Hi Karen
I wanted to thank you for your guidance in pointing me and Stephanie to a diet that is gluten-free and dairy free.
The difference in how we feel and look is surprising. As we began it was challenging, we found dairy and gluten were in most every meal that we had. Once we figured out menus that worked it did get easier.
My body seemed more relaxed than it had in a long time, or maybe should I say, less under attack, which I contributed mostly to the removal of gluten. I feel the removal of dairy attributed directly to weight loss. Within a week both Stephanie and I lost about 5% of our body weight. What was also notable was that my complexion got clear. Eventually after a bit we relaxed the restriction some but continue to be primarily dairy and gluten free, keeping the weight off and the body feeling better.
Thank you again so much! This new information on how and what to put into my body, will stick with us for the rest of our lives. Will never go back to that non-thoughtful consumption of food. 3-2016