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50! – A short story about recovery

Well, it is here and I really wasn’t sure I would live to see the day.  Not only have I lived, but survived and have every intention to thrive. The intent behind this post is to honor recovery, offer hope and share my solution. The work I do as a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner evolves each day and it is leading me to focus on recovering the body, mind and spirit.  In this post, I will share with you the steps I took to recover in hopes that you will find inspiration and the realization that you, my friend, are not alone. I will put it into a “12 step” format to keep it simple and links to where I found help and information.

  1. Began to really notice what sugar, gluten and alcohol were doing to me
  2. Got off  anti depressants
  3. Joined AA, got clean, sober and quit smoking
  4. Sought help through my ND and LMP to address gut issues and stored trauma
  5. Talk therapy wasn’t cutting it so I went to EMDR for trauma work
  6. Elimination diet to recognize how food was affecting my gut and mood
  7. Followed my passion and became an NTP, plus I learned how to eat
  8. Joined OA and got off sugar and gluten
  9. Began working with my instructor (NTP) to heal my body through food and supplements
  10. Debilitating depression, adrenal exhaustion, suicidal ideation and massive sugar came back with a vengeance due to grief over my divorce, loneliness and death in the family
  11. Began a meditation practice-it seemed to be my last hope
  12. Recommitted to OA, no sugar, my NTP and a lot of rest

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Keeping it off for good

Recently I conducted a poll asking “what stymies you when trying to lose weight?” and the results are in. The most common struggle seems to be sugar cravings (my favorite topic!), followed by lack of meal planning and little time to prep. Eating out and snacking also made the list, concluding the study. Here are a few steps to ending this battle… Continue reading