Complimentary New Client Discovery Session
An opportunity to listen to your current health concerns and determine the most effective journey to your dream outcome. By phone or in person.

Purposeful Packages
Healing packages are customized with your dream outcome or goal in mind, providing you with the benefits and solutions you are looking for. Each valuable package includes meal planning to suit your lifestyle, effective tools to truly transform, weekly goals and one live, supportive check-in call per week. Each package also includes muscle testing and a Nutritional Assessment Questionnaire that thoroughly reveals where your body needs support.
4, 8 and 12 week packages.

Nutrition Counseling
Create customized food plans based on your lifestyle, dream outcome and your sensitivities. Handouts, recipes and shopping ideas included.
$100.00 per hour.

Nutri-Q Health Questionnaire and Discovery Session
An on-line Nutritional/Health Questionnaire will be emailed to you, you’ll fill in your current health symptoms and I’ll assess the results. This is an advanced report that categorizes your symptoms into organs and systems that are in need of support through food and supplements. I will contact you to set up a complimentary discovery session, review results and develop a healing plan to support you and your health goals.
$100.00 Includes your results and a phone session.

Functional Evaluation (muscle testing)
Using the body as an evaluating tool and connecting the mind with the body allows us to get in touch with our innate intelligence. The brain and organs will respond to supportive foods and supplements through utilizing the art of muscle testing.  Food sensitivity testing included!
2 hours – $155

Emotional Healing with Flower Essences
Through a short and relaxing muscle testing session, we will determine the flower essences your body responds to, enhancing emotional healing and resulting in elevated happiness and energy.
$75.00 Including flower essence.
$55.00 Including vial of flower essence for your pocket.

Angel Card Readings
Angel card readings are a beautiful way to receive guidance concerning emotions, career and love life or to contact your Guardian Angel or deceased loved one. I will draw a series of angel cards with your question in mind and you will receive loving guidance. By phone or in person.
$35.00 30 min.

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