Sessions offered in person, by phone, Zoom, Skype and email:

Complimentary New Client Discovery Session
An opportunity to listen to your current health concerns and determine the most effective journey to your dream outcome. By phone, Zoom, Skype

New 3-Session Food Makeover Package: Blood Sugar Balance
With my 3-pronged approach to discovering how food is affecting you, your brain and your overall health, we will begin the process of  “investigating” and you will learn steps to recover your own body. By balancing macronutrients and scheduling meals, blood sugar, emotions and sleep can be improved. Simple tools, techniques and handouts will aid in the process along with sincere, consistent support.
3 sessions (approximately 3 hrs.)  $197.00  

Nutrition Counseling
With your current symptoms in mind, we’ll customize a meal plan for you with proper food combining and timing  to balance blood sugar, feel satisfied, improve sleep and stabilize energy. Utilizing the ketogenic and anti-inflammatory food plans while always considering bio-individuality.
1 hr. $100.00  

Purposeful Packages
The  4, 8 and 12 week packages are customized to take you from your current health concerns to your dream outcome. The 4 week package is a food makeover plan designed to balance blood sugar, improve energy, sleep and weight management. The 8 and 12 week packages will be customized to enhance the recovery process and include muscle testing (if local), online tools and nutrition counseling along with weekly check in calls to give you consistent support and practical goals that help you stay motivated. 
$499, $999, $1299

In person only services:

Functional Evaluation
The art of muscle testing allows the body to be our tool. We will identify your current food sensitivities through an accurate and simple ankle rotation test. We will also determine whether blood sugar balance or digestion is in need of support to feel better rapidly. This is a very relaxing and fun session that leaves most people feeling mentally and physically stronger. 
1.5 hrs. $155.00

Flower Essences for Emotional Support
Through muscle testing at the forehead, we will determine the flower essence that best supports your current emotional state. The feeling of emotional stability that comes from flower essences is miraculous.
45 min. $75.00

Brain Health Essential Oils
The brain and gut have a most important connection and function in digestion and balancing stress. Through supporting the brain with these medicinal oils, one may feel relief from ADD, anxiety, depression, constipation, chronic cortisol output and taking on other’s energy. This session is quite soothing.
1 hr. $100.00

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