50!-A short story about recovery.

50 is here and I wasn’t sure I would live to see the day. Not only have I lived, but survived and have every intention to thrive. The intent behind this post is to share courage, strength and hope with you. The work I do as a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner is constantly evolving and revealing a passion for recovering the body, mind and spirit from disordered eating.  In this post, I will share with you the steps I took to recover in hopes that you will find inspiration and the realization that recovery is a reality. I will use a “12 step” format to keep it simple.

  1. “Sentenced” to AA  in 2005, gave up alcohol but not drugs.
  2. Quit anti depressants cold turkey which I do not recommend.
  3. Got clean and quit smoking in 2008. Fully committed to AA.
  4. 2011-sought help from ND and body worker to address gut issues and food sensitivities.
  5. Began to address stored trauma through EMDR therapy.
  6. Elimination diet to better understand how food was affecting my mood.
  7. 2013-joined over eaters anonymous to address my sugar and rage connection.
  8. Graduated from the Nutritional Therapy Association.
  9. Began working with nutritional therapy practitioner to recover through diet and supplements.
  10. 2014-divorce, grief and menopause led to sugar and then to adrenal exhaustion. Began a loving, healing journey with nutritional therapy practitioner.
  11. 2015-began a meditation practice.
  12. At 50, I came out the other side with energy, happiness and peace I never dreamed was possible.

This recovery is a testament to the power of believing in ourselves, having a little light that won’t blow out and simply saying, “God, please help me” every day. Throughout most of this, I experienced bouts of debilitating depression and anxiety and felt I could not go on at times. Meditation kept me afloat along with a food plan and healing supplements. Many years ago, I fortuitously said. “My life is going to begin at 50” and it’s happening through forgiving myself, finding gratitude for life and returning to self. Peace to you on your journey and please reach out to me if you like.

With love and gratitude, Karen