50! – A short story about recovery

50 came and went and I really wasn’t sure I would live to see the day in a very healthy way. After overcoming alcoholism, drug addiction, adrenal exhaustion, menopause and sugar and flour addiction, I am blessed to be able to share with you my recovery journey in hopes that you find something helpful and inspiring.

In the year 2000, I was diagnosed with digestive candida. This was the advent of learning how food was affecting my body. After several attempts to eliminate sugar, flour, dairy and corn, it ended in severe stomach cramping and sneaky, sugar binging to relieve the pain.

Every time I gave up sugar, surprisingly my drinking progressed. In 2003, I quit smoking and then the sugar and alcohol really took off.

By 2004, I received my third DUI and AA was court ordered.  I had an angelic moment in 2005 and knew right then, I would never drink again. As the years went on, drugs began to infiltrate my life again and I was off to the races with abusive behaviors. In 2008, I decided to recommit to AA, turn my life over to a loving sponsor and go off of all meds, cold turkey of course.

As my sobriety strengthened, the sugar/gluten and binging/starving cycles worsened. I yo-yo’d between 140 and 115 lbs. and my AA sponsor assigned me to overeaters anonymous in 2013.  I was married at the time and began to connect my sugar binging with rage. So I went. At that time, I also committed to the Anti-Inflammatory diet and it was extremely helpful in identifying food sensitivities: mood shifts and brain fog caused by flour, corn, dairy and sugar.

My abstinence from sugar lasted 1.5 years then my divorce and a death in the family led me back to numbing the pain with sugar and flour. Through working with my nutritional therapy practitioner, we discovered my adrenals were exhausted and I was in menopause. The sugar and flour worsened the menopause symptoms which finally led to a deep depression. I committed to seeing my nutritional therapist every 5 weeks and come out the other side feeling better than ever by my 50th Birthday. Letting go of sugar had to be my number one priority.

This became a reality initially through practicing meditation. I began to forgive myself, love myself and listen to my body and intuition. My symptoms became clues as to how my food was affecting my body and my brain. Learning how to create a food plan with proper timing and food combining was my ticket out of cravings and enjoying life between meals. I also fell in love with food again and my body began to recover its natural energy.

Since then, my studies have taken me to understanding how the digestive system works and how critical it is to be in a restful, digestive state when we eat. My favorite part of my work is helping people learn why, when and how to eat. If you are struggling with symptoms such as fatigue, poor sleep, cravings, over/under eating or body pain, you have come to the right place. I would love to help you create a meal plan that works for your lifestyle and your body that nourishes your brain and unleashes your abundant energy.

How you feel matters to me.




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