Keeping it off for good

Recently I conducted a poll asking “what stymies you when trying to lose weight?” and the results are in. The most common struggle seems to be sugar cravings (my favorite topic!), followed by lack of meal planning and little time to prep. Eating out and snacking also made the list, concluding the study. Here are a few steps to ending this battle…

Sugar addiction is near and dear to my heart which is a strange way of saying that it has caused me tremendous suffering. Recently, I celebrated one full year of no sugar (except for fruit and one raw Stevia episode) and I believe I found a pretty darn good solution.  Almost daily, I was eating a pound or more of bulk candy and a pastry until the inflammation, depression, anger and fatigue nearly confined me to bed.  It was at that point that I knew sugar would eventually “kill me” therefore, sugar became my “bottom line”.  I would love the opportunity to help you discover your bottom lines, create a customized plan that works for you and results in delicious meals without sugar.

Now for meal planning and prepping. These are definately lifestyle changes and require a pretty strong desire to stop eating out and begin planning.  Planning gets easier once practices are in place saving time and money. I have begun to create menus on my Instagram page, you are welcome to view as well as the Recipe page on this site. The meals I create are very simple and that works for me and hopefully you too.

Eating out and snacking are the last of the common hurdles and I agree, not snacking between meals is very difficult.  Eating out is not too tempting for me but there are a couple of restaurants in Seattle I enjoy. Being “a person who does not eat flour or sugar”, many restaurants are off the table. Together we can create meals for you that are delicious and nourishing, giving you lasting energy and satiety.

Creating a food lifestyle over the past sixteen years has been full of trial and error, heavy on the error but I have found help and freedom.  I honor each person’s indiduality and know that we all need emotional, physical and spiritual nourishment and I can help support you in these areas.  I am not perfect and sometimes I get tired and frustrated and want to throw in the towel then I remember nothing is harder than the life I used to live. Helping other’s experience this freedom, happiness, healing and energy is why I am on this earth, so please feel free to ask for my help.  I am here for you! Sincerely, Karen


What are your thoughts?

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