The Art of Muscle Testing: why my Functional Evaluation is a game changer

Many people ask me about my service called “functional evaluation” and quite frankly, I have a difficult time explaining it.  September 2015, I attended The Art of Muscle Testing; “a course in the efficacy and healing potential of accessing the body’s intelligence through the physical exam”.  There you have it, but let me simplify.
While in school at the Nutritional Therapy Association, many students practiced the functional evaluation on my body and I can honestly say that I have never received more information as to the health of my organs and systems, ever.  Blood tests revealed borderline diabetes, nutrient deficiency, extremely high inflammation and food sensitivities which I do not deny, but then what?  What was I to do with that information?  No one ever actually “tested” me for supportive supplements or healing foods.

With muscle testing, the body’s innate wisdom reveals to the practitioner, through a physical evaluation, and the client the areas in which the body needs support and which foods and supplements will provide that support.  It is through listening closely to the nervous system’s relationship to the muscle (each organ corresponds to a muscle) that the practitioner can determine if an organ is in distress. The process is  supportive, soothing and quite miraculous. Once the body is supported, a person usually feels energized, a sense of clarity and is on the path to healing from the inside out.

Our symptoms are trying to tell us something; aches and pains are the body’s way of sending us messages that an organ is in distress.  The body knows how to regulate itself and when it cannot, it sends a signal and muscle testing is a way to hear that signal.

We can eat perfectly until the cows come home but if we are not digesting, we have leaky gut (leaky gut in plain english) or our adrenals are fatigued, no diet alone will do the trick.  The Functional Evaluation will begin the healing process and enable organs to do the job they are supposed to do and then we can reap the benefits of nourishing food.  I hope you will give it a try.  Sincerely, Karen


What are your thoughts?

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