10 tips for healing depression, naturally.

In 2007, I went off antidepressants vowing never to return. Over the past 10 years, I have experienced bouts of depression that I now know have been due to gluten, sugar, shame and not expressing myself in creative ways.

While tempted to take antidepressants, I knew there had to be a natural way out.  My current level of happiness can be attributed it to the tools and techniques listed below.

Side effects of antidepressants

Leaky gut, diarrhea, nausea, increased appetite, fatigue, jitters, constipation, sexual dysfunction, sweating, forgetfulness, seizures, anxiety, mania, poor quality sleep, dry mouth, blurred vision, agitation, irritability.

Possible causes of depression

Lack of creativity, expression, stress, food sensitivities, lack of physical activity, chronic infection, periodontal disease, low Vit D, poor quality sleep, low B12, fatty acid deficiency, poorly functioning intestinal health, low protein diet, obesity, toxic home and health products and heavy metal toxicity (mercury and aluminum).

Sugar, gluten, dairy, corn, lack of vitamins/minerals, dehydration, smoking, blood sugar imbalance, grief and lack of exercise contributed to my depression.  Each of these played a roll but I do know that nothing took me down faster than gluten and sugar.

10 suggestions for healing naturally (okay, 15)

What worked for me:
8+ hours of sleep

Supplements and extra fat and protein

Eliminating sugar and gluten


50-60 oz spring water per day

Exercise of any kind

Fresh air and connecting with the earth

Switching to mostly decaf coffee

Outreach calls to supportive friends

Emotional healing modalities

Lower exposure to toxins (natural beauty and home products)

Light therapy

Muscle testing for natural anti-depressants, minerals and blood sugar balancing supplements

May you find the help and tools to suit your mind and body. Please feel free to reach out to me.

With deep care, Karen
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