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Hello and welcome. My name is Karen and I am a certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner.  I help women and men who are seeking help with getting off of sugar and/or flour and healing the body from their effects through my Purposeful Packages. These customized packages result in newfound energy, improved sleep, digestive health and weight loss. We will create a delicious plan of eating so you feel satisfied bringing cravings to a halt. My systematic approach will support you physically, emotionally and spiritually. With consistent guidance, tools and compassion, your life-long freedom from sugar and flour is a reality.

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My training extends beyond nutritional therapy into healing the body through muscle testing for food sensitivities and supplementation. I believe healthy food is the best healer. In addition, appropriate supplements can enrich the process. Muscle testing allows your body to speak; we can then support it on a much deeper level. Supporting the healing process through functional evaluations gets to the root cause of many common ailments and leads to a beautiful journey of self-healing.  With blood sugar balancing supplements, you no longer have to do it alone.